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2 Nov 2019by Centrum REMA

Attain the spiritual guidance in Malad

Attain the spiritual guidance in Malad

Malad has anything and everything to offer to its residents. When the young ones are off playing in parks and youth is busy connecting to peers in cafes, or shopping, the elderly need someplace to spend their time too. Activities like places of worship, spiritual workshops are something the elderly can visit to put their bodies at rest and achieve the much-required mind calm from all the hectic daily schedules. Sunrise Orlem is located perfectly to fulfil all needs and desires of their inhabitants. There are multiple places in Malad that host Spiritual guidance workshops including the coveted ‘Art of Living’ workshop.

Art of Living workshop claims to have changed lives of many not only the elderly but also the youth. Focusing on the art of happiness and mind calm it teaches to embrace life at all stages and focus on moving forward with a renewed vigour. Orlem Church is located just 1 minute away from your reach to the Almighty. Jain Derasar is 8 minutes away from a peaceful mind. Located only 3 minutes away from Sunrise Orlem, Riddhi Siddhi Derasar is a perfect place to find your spirituality. Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir, Murugan Temple, and Samhavnath Derasar are some other famous spiritual and religious attractions just a few footsteps away.

Anybody who is religious and prefers visiting temples is in for a perfect location with a house in Malad. Surrounded by various auspicious places such as Vishnodevi Mandir, Shani Mandir, Swami Narayan Mandir and many more, Malad is a place of attraction for devotees all across Mumbai. Ayyapa Temple and Jeevdani Mata Mandir are also places of great attraction for the devotees.

Sunrise Orlem offers 3 BHK homes to anyone and everyone looking for an opportunity to spend their lives in close proximity to the holy divinity and live their lives happily and prosperously.

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