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4 Nov 2019by Centrum REMA

Malad offers perfect ‘Fun and Learn’ entertainment opportunity for kids!

Malad offers perfect ‘Fun and Learn’ entertainment opportunity for kids!

Malad is a hub for shopping, entertainment and leisure time for adults as well as the toddlers accompanying them. Considered as the hub of hosting a maximum number of malls in the city, Malad malls offer fun shows for kids where they learn to have fun with science by understanding simple science tricks and experiments. A kid learns more when the fun is involved and that's exactly what is available in Malad. The fun extends to the gaming zones, indoor sports parlour, and indoor gaming hubs. There are some outdoor opportunities in the form of the net cricket ground and other team building sports.

Goregaon sports club and MCA are a close commute for Malad residents and offer team building, outdoor sports opportunities to the kids to build their overall personalities. These places offer many opportunities for your kids to take their pick at exceeding in a single sport or become a jack of all trades. Sporting achievements never go wrong with these perfect opportunities. There are puzzle rooms opening up in nearby areas that can be a fun experience for the kids and adults alike.

So, residing in such a location would be so much beneficial for the overall development of your child. Sunrise Orlem provides you with this unique opportunity with their 3 BHK luxurious homes that are perfect in every way for your lifestyle.

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