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Channel Partners

One of a kind Channel Partner Programme

Channel Partner

The Centrum REMA Channel Partner program is focused on value creation for the partners while empowering you to have complete control over the business. With major market transition happening today our channel partners have unique opportunities to offer more value to their customers, while at the same time, differentiating themselves and growing profitably. With the program we can work together to satisfy more customers, close more deals, and develop new business opportunities together.


How Centrum REMA adds the edge to the Channel Partner’s Business

Centrum Projects

project selection

Your worry about Project Selection is now over.
We bring you projects based on our internal filtering criteria:

  • Financial feasibility
  • Legal & Technical due diligence
  • Saleability

Brokerage Experience

We at Centrum REMA are continuously pushing our boundaries to provide satisfying services. Our brokerage payment model is designed to deliver maximum benefit to our channel partners in the shortest time possible.

Partner's Testimonial

Centrum is right by you in providing:


  • Timely Brokerage Payment

  • Customer Confidentiality

  • RERA Compliance


  • Marketing Promotion

  • Event Activation

  • Lead Generation

Sales Assistance

  • Pre Sales Support

  • Sales Closure

  • Customer Management

Digital Dashboard

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Brokerage Payment Tracking

  • Customer Payment Tracking

  • Customer Communication


  • Transparent Processes

  • E Locker

  • Grievance Management

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