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02 May 2019by RealtyNXT

Raising a child is not a child’s play!

Raising a child is not a childs play!

It’s the ultimate dream of every parent to raise their children as happy and well-behaved human beings. But, this is no easy task, given the ever-changing social scenario where nuclear families are replacing the good old Indian joint families and parents are struggling big time to balance between priorities of their children and own commitments.

The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow and their right growth is parallel to the future of our country. The growth of a child is reflected through the quality of the present education system. School education must stimulate curiosity and foster the right values in the young minds. Therefore, it’s very important that parents pay careful attention to their children’s education facilities when they choose to move to a new location or purchase a new home.

In Mumbai, there’s no dearth of good educational institutions but the challenge lies in connecting the dots and make education easy as well as enjoyable for the kids and that’s possible when they don’t have to struggle too much in terms of traveling far for education.

Ghatkopar, for example, is one such thriving suburb which offers world-class education within comfortable traveling distance for the residents of this area. Garodia International School comes in the list of top International schools of Mumbai. Not just academics, GICLM is known to encourage talents in art and play for a well-rounded growth of a child. Smt. S.T. Mehta School and North Mumbai Welfare Socities High School are two more distinguished schools in Ghatkopar.

The prestigious Somaiya College, which is over 60 years old, is known to have nurtured innumerable talents in various verticals of education including Engineering, Management and Science. SNDT College, another renowned college is located nearby as well.

In today’s busy lives, parents often ignore the importance of physical activities besides academics for a child’s complete well-being. It’s very important for a child to engage in outdoor games, regularly, which not just helps them to grow physically strong but also mentally sound. Similar to educational institutions, having proper playgrounds, open green space around where a child stays is very important. In metro cities, especially in Mumbai, open spaces and playgrounds are scarce and children are left with no choice but to play within their cramped building compounds.

Ghatkopar offers many gardens and open spaces where children can play to their heart’s content. The popular Jolly Gymkhana in Ghatkopar is one place where various sports are played such as Badminton, Tennis, Skating, TT etc. Not just sports, Gymkhana has swimming pool, health club etc. where children can participate in group activities and learn important skills such as leadership, crisis management etc. Other than Jolly Gymkhana, there are numerous open gardens in Ghatkopar such as LBS Joggers Park, Jashwantrai Mehta Garden, Munisuvrat Udyan etc.

Considering proximity to a number of quality educational institutions and umpteen open spaces and playgrounds, Ghatkopar is an ideal place to reside if one wants to raise his children in a proper manner.

For someone who is looking for a superior, ultra-modern residential address well within Ghatkopar (W), Anchor Residency marketed by Centrum REMA is an ideal choice. The project offers state-of-the-art amenities for the finest living and is well connected with the schools, colleges and playgrounds mentioned above. Apart from that, it is close to railways and metro stations and enjoys smooth connectivity with the whole of Mumbai.

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